• Payback Analysis (Return on Investment)

    The key to any good investment is a good ROI (Return on Investment). Our long-term success is directly related to the success of our customers. We are available to help you evaluate the benefits and payback of any investment in IR equipment.
  • Leasing Options

    We have partnered with several reputable and competitive leasing companies to provide you with cost effective options and personal service.
  • Custom System Design to suit your individual requirements

    Though there are similar operations, very few systems are identical. IR's team of engineers is available to engineer a system that will fit your individual needs.
  • Plant Layout Services

    Many systems are installed in existing locations with space and layout constraints. IR's team of engineers will match the system layout to your unique site conditions.
  • On-Site Installation, Commissioning, and Training

    On-site support is critical to the success of any equipment installation. IR's field service personnel provide on-site installation, commissioning and operator training. These individuals have worked in production of IR equipment giving them first-hand knowledge of the machinery.
  • Factory Training

    Hands-on training is provided at our manufacturing facility. Since integrated systems are first set up and operated at our facility, operators are invited to visit for hands-on training prior to delivery of their equipment.
  • Factory Reconditioning of Your Machinery

    IR equipment is the most rugged in the industry. However, after years of service in harsh environments factory reconditioning will revitalize your machinery to provide many more years of productive service.
  • On-Site Maintenance and Emergency Service

    Our field service personnel are available to provide on-site maintenance. When the need is urgent, we can usually be on site within 24 hrs.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

    Many of our customers do not have full-time maintenance personnel and/or there production requirements do not allow for down time. In these situations, we recommend our annual maintenance contract that includes quarterly visits for routine maintenance along with emergency visits (within 24 hrs.) as required.

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