Repair Systems

Industrial Resources build customized Repair Systems to fit the needs of pallet repair facilities. From start-ups to the largest systems in the world, our experience assures your system will be both a perfect fit, and expandable for future growth.
  •  EZ-Spin Repair Table
    • A simple, easy-to-use, repair table for starting your Repair System
    • Add EZ-Roll floor conveyor with Lift Table
  • Wood Recovery System
    • Pallet tear down in a snap, single or multiple saw systems.
    • Provide rapid tear-down with smooth board removal.
  • Integrated Conveyors
    • Reduce lifting and bending.
    • Move stacks without fork lifts.
    • Restacking of repaired pallets.
  • Restacking by Category
    • Post-repair Bar Code Label Reader
    • Automatic Category Selection by Bar Code
    • Restack Pallets in Heights up to 25 Pallets
    • Fast, efficient, and no Operator Required
  • To The World's Largest
    • High Speed Sort and Repair Lines
    • Major Distribution Hubs
    • Control Systems Integration to Front Office
    • Management  Software

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